The city of Rzeszów has, since 2014, maintained the leadership position in subsequent editions of business favourable cities in the category of cities with a population of between 150,000 and 299,000. Rzeszów is an important communication centre since it is situated close to the southern and eastern frontiers of Poland. The Jasionka airport is placed 10 km from Rzeszów. There are regular direct railway connections between nearby countries (e.g. from Vienna, Graz, Bratislava, Prague, Ostrava) and Rzeszów. 
Venue of the ISFS 2023 is the University of Rzeszów the largest university in Podkarpacie, educating over 18,000 students in 60 academic disciplines, including doctoral and post-doctoral degree studies. Reception desk and all ISFS rooms are located at A0 building at Rejtana district of the university. The main entrance to A0 building is presented in the picture.





Contact details:

Pigonia Street 1, 35-310 Rzeszów
e-mail: isfs2023 at